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Passport Photo Guidelines – UK

If you intend to apply for the UK passport or renew your old one, you’ve probably already heard about the new passport photo guidelines resulting from the introduction of biometric passports. Such passports have become common across the world since they make it easier to prevent theft of identity and fraud. What is the meaning of biometric identification, and what changes does it bring?

Passport photo guidelines for new UK passport

Biometric details are features unique to a person, such as iris, facial features, or fingerprints. Every passport issued in the UK today must contain biometric data of the holder. These data are received by measuring the facial features and then converting the measurements into values stored on a chip. The details to be measured - the distances between eyes, nose, mouth and ears – are taken from the photo you supply. Therefore it must comply with the official passport photo guidelines. Following them you will avoid problems and delays while processing your passport application.

Here are latest UK passport photo guidelines:

  • The photo must be in color, 45 mm high x 35 mm wide
  • Taken within the last month
  • Taken against a plain cream or light grey background
  • Clear and in sharp focus, free from shadows
  • The head must be between 29 and 34 mm high (the head height is the distance between the bottom of your chin and the crown of your head)
  • Neutral facial expression, eyes open and clearly visible, mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
  • Facing forward and looking straight at the camera, with both ears equally visible
  • No hair across any part of the face
  • No sunglasses or tinted glasses
  • If glasses are worn for medical reasons, make sure there is no glare or reflection, and the frames do not cover the eyes
  • No head covering, unless worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons

UK passport photo guidelines

Today we are free to choose between having our photo taken by a professional and taking it ourselves. If you decide to make a passport photo at home, you can take your time and choose the perfect image. The crucial steps include cropping and printing the photo. Keep in mind that the officials will require a professionally printed photo. If you don’t have a photo quality printer, the best thing to do is to prepare the print layout at home and take it to a print shop.

Both professional photo studios and home users will benefit from using an ID photo editor. This software has a special biometric features recognition module along with all necessary presets for preparing a correctly sized photo. The application will crop the photo according to the new passport photo guidelines. After that, you can adjust the background color, enhance the photo quality, and prepare a print layout. At every step of working with the program you will get tips and hints to guarantee that your photos will pass the passport office regulations.

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