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Make photos for passport, visa, ID, driver's license etc. Use professional ID photo templates for 130+ countries. Change background & replace clothes on the photo. Save on printing costs.
Professional passport photo software
Passport Photo Maker helps businesses and individuals create passport & visa photos that comply with the latest official requirements. The program employs a neural network that was trained to detect biometric features - with its help, even a home user can edit a DIY shot and convert it into a 100% compliant ID picture in mere seconds. The business edition of this passport photo software offers even more tools to speed up routine work, from convenient print layouts to client database and order analytics.
ID templates
for 130+ countries
Automatic photo
print layouts
Intuitive and easy
to master

Passport Photo Software Features

Make perfect ID photos in a minute!

Convert your shot into a professional quality ID photo in four simple steps:

  • Upload a picture and select the document type
  • Crop photo with markers or use auto face detection
  • Print any number of photos with handy print layouts
  • Resize the image file if you need to submit it online

The ID photo maker is absolutely free to try! Download the demo version to test it with your own photos:

Making a passport photo
Use photo templates for 130+ countries

The software comes with a huge database of ID photo templates & requirements, such as background color. The database is updated every time the government changes the guidelines. Users can customize the templates if needed.

  • Prepare biometric photos for travel documents
  • Create standard passport size photos measured 2x2" or 35x45 mm
  • Make pictures for driver’s licence, student union card, firearms license, company ID cards
  • Find templates & requirements for US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, China etc.
  • Add new ID templates using the built-in template creator
Print with cost-saving layouts

The print module comes with ready-to-use page layouts - best way to save on printing costs. Users can also create their own layouts for any number of pics, which makes this passport photo app for PC a perfect tool for cost-conscious people.

  • Print on standard paper like 4x6" or use custom paper sizes
  • Put photos of several people on the same paper sheet
  • Perform monitor calibration for high quality output
  • Add crop marks for convenient cutting
  • Insert photo studio logo and date
Printing ID photos
Replace clothes right on the photo

If the clothes on the ID photo have to comply with the formal dress code, the passport photo generator can change the outfit right on the picture. No tedious work with layers - everything is done with drag & drop.

  • Choose from a large set of men's and ladies' clothing
  • Get an extra templates kit with 100+ items in Studio version
  • Resize and rotate the clothes so they fit perfectly
  • Adjust the clothing color to match the picture
  • Import custom clothes from Photoshop
Create perfect background

The software has a set of tools for background editing - they will come in handy when you don’t have the necessary backdrop color in the studio.

  • Change photo background with one click
  • Pick white, grey, light blue or any other color
  • Create a smooth transition with the blur slider
  • Use convenient manual adjustment tools
  • Fix any flaws with the Undo brush
Try it free
Change background on passport photo
The passport photo editor has an intuitive interface with prompts for sizing images correctly - both home users and studio operators will master it in 5 to 10 minutes. The full version offers a set of powerful features for photo businesses: set prices for your services, store customers’ names and orders, set passwords to restrict access to certain modules, view and export order statistics.

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User testimonials

24 021 software users
I travel a lot due to my profession and have no time to waste in line at CVS. I make my visa photos right at home. Passport Photo Maker crops my photos according to all the requirements. I can even fix the background color. Can't recommend this software enough. It's just so swift & easy.
Matt Swanson
Chicago, IL, USA
We are a multinational corporation with thousands of employees. I work in HR where I'm in charge of employees' ID cards. I needed a tool that would automate the ID photo creating process, and I've found it in Passport Photo Maker. Now I crop pictures to the right size with a click of a button.
Amalie Emmerson
Norrköping, Sweden
This is a perfect tool for my photo studio. There are tons of high-demand templates, along with the shooting tips. Even a temp can operate it - just a click, and the pic's ready (no more wrestling with Photoshop). There are some neat tools that let me run the clients database and set prices. I can even password-protect certain settings and control our orders - could never hurt to be cautious.
Lance Coleman
Baltimore, MD, USA
I am a mother of four. We love travelling, but making visa photos for all the kids has always been a nightmare, especially for the little ones. I mean like driving this lot to a photo shop, waiting with them in line... Now I make all our passport and visa photos with Passport Photo Maker. This software helps me save money and time (sanity as well).
Maggie Piencikowski
Port Lincoln, Australia
I almost never looked good in my ID pictures - it was like a curse! But now I can take as many pictures as I want, choose the best shot, then make an awesome passport or visa photo with just a few clicks. Now I look good in every document.
Cassie Mudgrave
Leeds, United Kingdom


Supported ID formats Hardware requirements
United States Germany France United Kingdom Spain Turkey Australia Brazil Czechia Canada Netherlands Other countries
Supported documents:
Passport (2" x 2")
Passport Digital (900 x 900 px)
Green Card (600 x 600 px)
Visa Digital (900 x 900 px)
Diversity Visa Lottery
Firearms Licence
Passport (35х45 mm)
Baby Passport (Under 6)
Baby Passport (Under 10)
Driving License
Electronic Health Card (eGK)
Schengen Visa
Passport (35х45 mm)
Baby Passport
Schengen Visa
Student ID Card
Military Professional Card
Application for French Citizenship
Passport (35х45 mm)
Biometric Passport Digital
Baby Passport
Driving Licence
Construction Skills Register
UK Visa
Passport (Embassy in Zurich)
ID Card (DNI)
Driving Licence
Spain Visa
Passport (35 x 45)
Passport (45 x 60)
Passport (50 x 50)
Visa (50 x 50
Baby Passport (under 3)
Bus & Taxi Licence
Australia Visa
Company ID Card
Social Club ID Card
Brazil Visa
Brazil Visa Digital
Czech Republic Visa
Passport Digital
Permanent Resident Card
Driving Licence
Firearms Licence
Canada Visa
Baby Passport (Under 10)
ID Card
New Zealand
South Africa
and 100+ more countries
Download size: 25.8 Mb
Operating system: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
Interface language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech
Price from 39.95 USD: Special offers for business and Home

Create and print high quality ID photos
with Passport Photo Maker!

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