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Malcolm Barrows, Salt Lake City, USA

I struggled with some other ID photo makers until I stumbled upon this stunning software. Everything works like a dream, the interface is cute and easy to use. Changing background and clothes are really helpful to make any photo perfect.

Ellie Stonebridge, Bath, Great Britain

How to Make a Passport Photo at Home – Fast and Easy!

Make a passport photo at home fast and easily

Most of us have been unhappy with our passport photos made in photo booths. You might have been in a hurry and did not have a chance to have a good picture taken, and then you have to live with this photo for years. Here’s the good news: now it’s quite easy to make a passport photo at home. You can use an ordinary digital camera – even simple models produce pictures of sufficient quality. ID photo software will help you adjust the dimensions and prepare the photo for printing. This way you can save a lot of time and money each time you need pictures for passport, visa application, driving license etc.

Choosing the right software is an important decision if you intend to make a passport photo at home. The passport picture requirements are very strict these days. So, the program should crop and edit pictures in a way that guarantees them to be accepted by the officials. It goes without saying that an application for home users must be easy, intuitive, and pocket-friendly. Passport Photo Maker is an excellent solution, even if you’re not on speaking terms with computers at all. Here’s how it helps you make a passport photo at home in three simple steps:

1. Choose the best photo

First of all, take several shots. By the way, you will find some tips for taking passport photos inside the program – click on the camera icon on the tool pane. Then you have two options – add one photo for processing, or compare your shots to choose the best one. If you’re in doubts about which one to use, the latter will help you. Click Compare Photos in the bottom left corner, and drag the photos to the working pane right from the Windows folder. Zoom in if it’s necessary to estimate the quality. Choose the best picture, and click Select.

2. Crop the photo

Cropping is probably the most important step, since there are strict dimensions your passport photo must follow. The dimensions differ depending on the document type, so you should first select the ID type from the drop-down list in the top right corner (click Settings to choose the country). In the full version of Passport Photo Maker automatic facial features detection is enabled by default, i.e. the crop is performed once you add the photo. Make sure the yellow horizontal line goes through the center of the eyes, the vertical line marks the center of the face, and the red lines mark the chin and the crown. If you prefer to mark the features manually, open the Crop tab. Click New Selection and follow the instructions that will appear on the right.

3. Print passport photos

After adjusting the crop, open the Print tab. Pick the paper size and enter the number of photos needed. Print markup is very convenient for trimming the photos - choose between standard, cross, or line. Adjust the margins. When the print layout is ready, you have two options. Click Print photos if your printer is good enough to print passport photos at home. Alternatively, you can click Save to File, transfer the print layout on a flash drive and take it to a print shop.

How to make a passport photo at home

As you see, it’s fast and easy to make a passport photo at home. You can try it right now!

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