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About Us

Passport Photo Maker was developed by AMS Software. Back in 2003, we started as a small team of like-minded people with a passion for photography, image editing, and graphic design. Over the next two decades, we have grown into an international business and have developed over a dozen of products. We aim to find the perfect balance of cutting edge technology and ease of use within our softwares to bring you top-tier experience. If you want to know more about the products we offer or learn about our latest updates, you are welcome to visit our company website.

About the Product

Passport Photo Maker was developed with people like you in mind - a small or a large photography business owner, a photo studio manager, an HR department head. We know that you are looking for ways to make ID photo creation easy and smooth and keep an eye on your employees’ activity. That is why when designing Passport Photo Maker, we decided that it won’t be just a gimmick of popular photo editors. Instead, we have equipped it with versatile tools to boost your photography business and cut down on time-consuming routine. With Passport Photo Maker, you’ll be able to automate the process of ID photo making, create a fail-safe workflow, reduce your expenses on paper and print supplies, manage your prices and the client database, monitor order activity and your revenue.

When developing this product, we are drawing on our extensive experience with image processing. Passport Photo Maker is powered by an advanced neural network that has been trained to detect biometric features. This means that you won’t need to crop pictures manually - the program will do it for you, automatically measuring your clients’ head size, facial area, eye distance, and other important biometrics. So you can be sure that the photo will be perfectly processed in a matter of seconds.

Passport Photo Maker’s comprehensive toolkit and clear workflow have made it the software of choice for many outlets. Large and small photography businesses, major international companies, educational and government facilities are among our esteemed clients.

Our clients are spread across 110 countries. Ready to join their ranks? Then feel free to contact us here.

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