How to Change Passport Photo Background: 4 Simple Steps

Change Passport Photo Background: Quick Guide

Need a passport photo urgently, but don’t have an opportunity to take a picture with a required background? You can quickly edit the passport photo background all by yourself using Passport Photo Maker. With this ID photo software, you will be able to make an image with a plain background for any document of any country in just a few clicks. There is a free demo version for you to check out:
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Change passport photo background

How to Edit Passport Photo Background in a Flash

Passport Photo Maker offers you a quick and foolproof way of changing a background. Just select the required color and adjust the settings for automatic background replacement. If you want to tweak the result a bit, paint over the selected areas with convenient brushes. Want to see the process with your own eyes? Watch this video guide below:

Passport photo requirements vary from country to country. Therefore, it’s vital to check the official guidelines before taking a photo. Your image has a background that differs from the requirements? No need to rush into a photo studio or retake a shot. Change passport photo background color in just a few steps with Passport Photo Maker.

See how it works:

Step 1 - Select the photo you want to edit

Start with opening your photo. You can drag and drop it directly from the image folder as well. Remember that the image you take for passport photo background change should not have dark overcast shadows, glares or digital noise.

Open your photo in Passport Photo Maker
Select your photo from the folder

Step 2 - Crop your picture using a template

You don’t have to crop your image manually. Passport Photo Maker detects biometric features and changes the image size automatically depending on the ID type you choose. So just select the country and document type, and the software will do all the hard work.

Select the desired ID type
We will be making a photo for a U.S. passport

Step 3 - Change the photo background

To change the passport photo background color, go to the Edit tab and choose Change Background. Pick the desired color from the palette - usually, you need white or grey - and Passport Photo Maker will fill in the background on your photo automatically. If you need to make a blue background, you can select it from a palette with a color picker.

Pick the background color
The U.S. passport photo must have a white background, so we pick the white color

Step 4 - Save and print your digital photo

When you’re satisfied with the result, save your photo. Click Save Photo to File, then select the image quality and size. Need to print the picture right away? Go to the Print tab, choose the paper format and the number of photos, then click Print.

Print your passport photo
Set the crop marks to cut the images with ease


Now you don’t need a complex program like Photoshop to change a background on your passport photo. There is a simple way - save your time and money with Passport Photo Maker. Thanks to its smart tools, you can quickly prepare photos for any documents all by yourself, even if you have never used an image editor before.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does a passport photo need to have white background? The white background is one of the most common requirements. However, some countries require a grey or blue background. That’s why it’s better to check everything beforehand. Passport Photo Maker has a built-in database with the latest requirements, so you don’t have to spend time googling info on the Internet.
  • How can I take a passport photo at home? Find a room with good lighting and plain-colored walls. If you don’t have a decent camera, you can make a pic with your mobile phone as well. When you take a passport photo at home, don’t forget to adjust the zoom and flash. Asking your family members to take a picture of you is also a good idea - it’ll have better quality.
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