Passport Photo Maker - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of using Passport Photo Maker in a professional photo studio? Passport Photo Maker provides all the features necessary for professional photo business:

    - automatic facial features detection - for quick and precise autocrop,
    - built-in photo editor for retouching photos and changing background,
    - convenient monitor calibration - for perfect color prints,
    - price settings and order statistics - to assist the staff with order processing,
    - flexible print settings - for printing high quality ID photos economically.

    The program also enables you to add new ID types and modify the settings of integrated ID types. Passport Photo Maker will help you fully automate your business and raise profits by processing more customer orders at a time.
  • Do you guarantee that an ID photo prepared with this software will be accepted by the officials? Passport Photo Maker supports recent requirements for ID photos from different countries. What's more, you can easily customize ID type settings when the requirements change. Your photo will certainly be accepted if cropped correctly. It is easy to modify every photo to meet the requirements. Note that some ID documents must be printed on a special kind of paper.
  • The ID type I need is not included in the ID types editor. Can you add it? You can easily add new ID types by yourself. Open the ID types editor window, and click Add. Type in all the dimensions and requirements in the fields provided on the right. After that, click Save. You can also submit new ID types so that we add it to our database and include it in the next program update. Open the Help menu and select Submit New ID Type.
  • Can I prepare a photo at home and have it printed in a print shop? Sure. When you are in Print mode, save the print layout setting one of the common print sizes. Save the print layout to a JPEG file. You can then copy this file to a memory stick and take it to your print shop.
  • I would like to save a single cropped photo rather than the whole print layout. How can I do it? In Edit mode, open the File menu and select Save File.
  • What payment options do you offer? There are several payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, bank transfer with invoice, and more. The ordering process is easy and secure, and takes just a couple of minutes.
  • How do I get my order delivered and how long will it take? Once your order is validated, the registration data will be sent automatically to your email address. It normally takes several minutes. The registration data may sometimes go to the spam folder due to your email settings, so please check it if there is no email in your inbox.
  • How long will it take to get a reply from Support if I have a problem? Generally you will get a response within a few hours, or immediately. We will definitely reply to you within one business day, except for weekends and holidays.
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