Retouch ID Photos Fast and Easily | Passport Photo Maker

How to Retouch Photos

This video demonstrates how to retouch photos in Passport Photo Maker.

Often people don’t like their looks in ID pictures and retouching is most demanded in photo editing these days. The Passport Photo Maker software has a large set of tools to make the person look perfect yet not plastic.

People mostly want to delete all kinds of skin imperfections. Use the Blur Tool to retouch wrinkles and as a result the skin will look fresh and smooth. The Clone Stamp removes skin blemishes such as moles, birthmarks, pimples and other flaws. Red eyes in pictures are not a problem anymore – just select the Red Eye Removal and sweep them off with one mouse click. In case you want to whiten the teeth in an ID photo use the Dodge Tool. Also, our developers haven’t forgotten to add the standard tools to adjust contrast and sharpness.

Take photos for a passport, driving licence, visa, corporate or student card and make them flawless with Passport Photo Maker in one minute!

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