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How to Choose the Best Photo for ID

Two features of an ID photo are essential: the compliance with the official requirements and good quality. Passport Photo Maker has an extensive pack of options and one of them allows you to choose the best photo for ID. You don’t have to use pictures taken by a professional photographer. Just open the folder in your PC and simply click the Compare button. Then pick 6 or fewer images made with a digital camera or your smartphone and drag and drop them to the working pane of the program. Estimate each photo quality by zooming it in.

Have you chosen the best shot yet? Now you can make it even better. A generous number of editing tools will help you improve the quality. Correct the color balance, fix the sharpness and change the saturation level. This software is so user-friendly that you don't have to have any special skills to work with it. Create professional quality ID photos at home for the whole family in no time and without undue efforts.

The video tutorial above demonstrates how easily and fast you can compare, edit and print photos for a passport, visa, driving licence and other official documents with Passport Photo Maker.

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