How to Work with ID Types Editor in Passport Photo Maker

How to Work with ID Types Editor

Passport Photo Maker software has an extensive database of ID types, allowing you to make photos for passport, driving licence, student card, baby passport, visa photos and other country-specific documents. The ID types database stores a complete set of guidelines and dimensions needed for making a valid photo. It is regularly updated to keep up with the latest official requirements, so you can rely on the software to prepare an ID photo that will be accepted by the authorities.

The primary dimensions for any ID photo are its width, height, margins and the head size/facial area. Depending on the country, the sizes are given in inches or millimeters; in some cases (such as DV lottery application), the photo dimensions are given in pixels because a digital photo must be submitted. The background color is another important value, and you will certainly find it for every ID type you choose in the database.

Should you need a photo that meets some specific requirements - for example, an ID photo for a school or company database - you are free to create a new ID type and save it in the database. Thus, you only need to input the dimensions once, and then you can use the template to process hundreds and thousands of shots.

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