Print ID Photos Smartly | Passport Photo Maker

Print ID Photos Smartly: Working with Print Layouts

In this tutorial you will learn how to print ID photos for official documents and save your time, paper and money with Passport Photo Maker.

The Print Layouts option allows you to work with different print layouts smartly. Create as many ID photos as you need, add and save the print layouts and the program will fit them on a page in the most effective way. Yet, feel free to arrange the layouts as you like. It’s easy, just drag and drop them around with your mouse and perhaps you will place and print ID photos even more economically. However, some smart inexpensive photo editor is not the only way to save. Find out what printer suits you the most in this guide: How to Print Passport Photos.

Passport Photo Maker is a great tool to create and print ID photos smartly both for photo studio clients and for your family with no need to leave home.

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