How to Change Clothes on Official Photos | Fast and Easy!

How to Change Clothes on ID Photos

Making different kinds of ID photos you will face certain specifications. Clothing is definitely one of the points worth paying attention to.

The background of a passport photo has to be in a plain pale color and clothes should be contrasting to it. Please note that you cannot be wearing any kind of uniform or clothes resembling uniform while taking your passport photo. Same applies to camouflage colored suits.

What if this has happened and your clothing is not suitable for a passport, visa or resume photo and you need to change the clothes on the photo? No, you don’t have to take another picture of yours. The only thing you need is to get Passport Photo Maker. It is a great multifunctional tool and with its help you can change the clothes on the photo. There is a vast built-in collection of ladies’ and gentlemen’s apparel in this software. You have a choice of more than 100 models.

The clothing replacement module is made to replace the clothes on a photo for any official document with a single mouse click. The video tutorial above shows how easy it is to choose, apply and adjust any template: drag and drop, rotate, correct the color, change brightness, contrast, saturation if needed.

Apart from changing clothes on your official photos the software allows you to change background on passport photos. The image editing toolkit of Passport Photo Maker offers you a simple way to get a perfect ID photograph.

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