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Indian Passport Photo Requirements 2020

Indian passport photo requirements

Whether you are applying for your first Indian passport or planning a passport renewal, checking the Indian passport photo requirements should be your top priority. Official standards might change over time and be somewhat confusing, especially if we talk about biometric passports. So to get everything right on your first try, be sure to update your knowledge on the Indian passport photo size rules and other specs.

Since the fee is non-refundable, you lose both time and money whenever your passport application falls through. So if you don't want to apply multiple times, make sure your picture complies with the Indian passport picture requirements.

Have a look at the current standards that have been established:

  • The Indian passport photo size dimensions are set at 51mmx51mm or (2"x2")
  • The picture should be in color
  • The background should be white or off-white with no distracting objects
  • The print quality should be consistent
  • You face - from forehead to chin - should be clearly visible on the photo
  • No object should obscure any part of your face
  • Your eyes should be open
  • Headwear is only permissible if dictated by religion

Indian Passport Photo Size & Specs

Indian passport photo size and specs

The requirements do not just apply to mere dimensions of the picture. Keep in mind that the Indian passport photo size rules also regulate the height of your head - from forehead to chin - as well as the eye height in the photos.

Although most Indian passport photo specifications are fairly clear, some doubts do inevitably arise. Let's have a look at the most common mistakes to prevent them from appearing on your passport photo.

Lighting, Posture, and Facial Expression

According to the established rules, your photo should capture your full face, with no odd objects or shadows covering it. Your eyes should look straight at the camera, and your expression should remain neutral. Smiling or frowning is not permitted.

Standards on posture for Indian passport

Eyewear and Headwear

If you wear your glasses on a regular basis, you are allowed to wear them in your passport picture. Nonetheless, be careful to avoid any kind of glare from the lenses that might obscure your eyes. By no means are sunglasses and tinted lenses permitted. You can wear a headdress if your religion requires it, but be sure to keep it from covering your face.

Standards on Eyewear and Headwear for Indain passpory

Indian Passport Photo Rules for Infants and Children

When it comes to taking pictures of toddlers or infants for their first passport, the requirements mostly remain unchanged, with just a few notable differences. Firstly, babies under one year of age can be photographed with their eyes closed. Secondly, while still complying with the rules of passport photograph size in India, children's pictures are not subject to the strict regulations to the head height or the eye height. Regardless of their age, children should keep their facial expression as neutral and relaxed as possible. The mouth should be shut.

Standards for Indian passport for children

How to Make an Indian Passport Photo at Home

Sometimes there are issues that prevent us from using photo studio or photo booth services. People can be too busy to find time, can be too ill or even bedridden. And just imagine how many photos of your newborn do you have to take to come up with at least one decent picture? However, there is a way to make the process of taking a passport photo infinitely easier for anyone - an efficient passport photo editor.

Equipped with the latest size requirements and specifications for a plethora of countries, Passport Photo Maker allows you to make pro-level quality ID pictures right at home. The algorithm is fairly simple.

Step 1. First, take a digital picture of yourself, then open it in the program.

Step 2. Pick a suitable ID type, and the software will automatically detect your face and crop the photo according to the ID requirements.

Step 3. Use the software's Change Background tool if the background of your photo doesn't fit the standards. You can even change your clothing for a more formal garment, using Passport Photo Maker's digital wardrobe.

Step 4. Finally, print your pictures. You can customize the printing settings depending on the number of pictures you need, their layout, and the paper size. You can even print photos prepared for different ID types on the same sheet of paper. If you are applying online, save your pictures as JPEG or PNG.

And there you have it - your perfect photo for the Indian passport.

Print your Indian passport photo at home

So you have fully updated your knowledge on the passport photo sizes in India. And what's more - you have also learnt the way to make a pro-level passport picture right at home with Passport Photo Maker. Now your application process will be just a breeze.

Passport Photo Maker will also help you prepare pictures for many other ID types common to different countries. Use this software for whatever needs you have, and you are guaranteed to have a perfect ID photo in a flash!

Create and print high quality ID photos with Passport Photo Maker!

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